Joakim Karlsson Photography - Color grading in Photoshop
File Size :1.2GB
Here I explain and show all the different adjustments and styles I use for my color grading in Photoshop. I explain my thinking and ideas about what I do and why I do it.

Isometric Illustration in Procreate: Design Your Dream Room
File Size :1.7GB
Ready for some isometric fun In this class youll be learning how to create an ISOMETRIC room illustration in Procreate 5.

How To Create A Perfect Color Palette For Digital Art
File Size :611MB
Picking colors can be difficult. I know many people who struggle with color selection and Im here to help! Rather than teaching Color Theory and other abstract concepts, this 35 minute class will take a practical approach as I walk you through my process of palette creation, step by step.

Fun With Brushes: Create Handmade Illustrator Brushes
File Size :1.4GB
Making handmade brushes in Adobe Illustrator is easier than you think. Once you learn the basics youll see that possibilities and combinations are endless.If you want to learn how to convert your handmade strokes into digital brushes and create your own unique brush collection, this class is perfect for you.

Complete Character Design Course: Draw Your Dream Character
File Size :2GB
Welcome to the Complete Character Design Course, where you'll be designing your dream character from nothing!

Anime Drawing Course | How to draw FACE
File Size :4.7GB
Learn all essential lessons to draw pretty face faster

Plan, Design, & Publish Online your Portfolio with Adobe InDesign
File Size :908MB
In this class I will teach you how to create a digital portfolio using Adobe InDesign and it's "Publish Online" tool. You will be able to design and share your portfolio by just using your private personal link. All within Adobe InDesign. Also, you'll have access to analytics that will tell you how many s your portfolio has been seen, for how long, and on what device.

Matt Johnson How to Solo Over Chord Changes TUTORiAL
File Size :903MB
A lo-res video lesson showing how to solo over changes, teaching the blues scale and lots of tips and ideas! This includes 3 backing loops to practice over and midi of the blues scale which you can play at your own pace!

Lola Melani Academy - Agata & Hudson Photoshoot
File Size :60MB
Join Lola in this exclusive course as she demonstrates how to capture the strength, fearlessness, and beauty of motherhood.

Joshua Meader ALL THREE Chromaticism Lines TUTORiAL
File Size :344MB
All three Chromaticism Lines TAB + Music Notation packs!